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dr Elżbieta Sternal

dr Elżbieta Sternal


Doctor of Humanities, English and Russian Studies, founder of the College of Foreign Languages in Swiecie (now the University of Linguistics and Technology). For 8 years she has been the founder and Director of the Academic High School and since 1 October 2017. Rector of the Linguistic-Technical University cooperating with universities in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. She teaches optional classes in teaching specialisations, training future teachers of English and German. She has extensive pedagogical experience in working with adults. Her scientific output includes numerous publications (articles in journals and chapters in Polish and foreign monographs, co-editor of a publishing series humanistica21). She actively participates in Polish and foreign conferences on adults and their education. Hobbies and passions: travelling and classical dance.

dr Violetta Jaśkiewicz

dr Violetta Jaśkiewicz


Doctor of social sciences in the field of pedagogy, certified teacher, practitioner combining professional experience with pedagogical knowledge. The motive of the doctoral dissertation devoted to teachers of gifted students from a socio-biographical perspective was the professional interest in supporting the educational work of teachers in relation to the gifted student in Poland, strengthened by the perception of the possibilities brought by the recognized effects of education reforms introduced in other European countries.
The main areas of scientific interest are related to the pedagogy of creativity, didactics of creativity, pedagogy of abilities, pedagogy of school and pedeutology.

mgr Martyna Sternal

mgr Martyna Sternal-Rykowska, M.A.


Americanist, trainer, tutor and coach. Chancellor of the University of Linguistics and Technology since 1 October 2017. Lecturer specializing in practical language learning and business English. During classes, she eagerly uses tutoring tools and coaching. For many years she has been interested in psychology, marketing and modern teaching methods. She works on research related to the impact of technological progress on change in teaching methods. She is passionate about dancing, horse riding and American literature.