Recruitment rules
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Admissions 2023/24

Recruitment rules


Admission to studies is carried out according to the following rules:

  1. Subjects considered: Polish and foreign language
  2. A candidate may obtain a maximum of 200 points in the recruitment process
  3. In the case of the “new” Matura exam, the sum of the number of points expressed as the number of percentages obtained in each subject multiplied by the coefficient included in the table is used:


    Coefficient for the basic level

    Coefficient for the advanced level

    Foreign language (written)



    Polish (written)



  4. Candidates who have obtained at least 40 points in the recruitment process are admitted to the programme.
  5. In the case of the “new” Matura exam, if a given subject was taken in written and oral form, the result of the written part is taken into account.
  6. In the case of the “new” matura exam, if the exam in a given subject was taken at two levels, the more favourable result is taken into account.
  7. In the case of candidates who have passed the maturity exam (the old maturity exam), the results of individual subjects taken in writing or orally are taken into account (subjects specified in the admission criteria 8 point 1 in the field of study for candidates who hold the “new maturity exam”).
  8. In the case of the “old” Matura exam, the conversion of grades to points included in the table is used:

Baccalaureate until 1991

Baccalaureate after 1991

5 – 100 pkt

6- 100 pkt

4 – 80 pkt

5 – 85 pkt

3 – 50 pkt

4 – 70 pkt

3 – 50 pkt

2 – 0 pkt

if the candidate has not taken a foreign language or a foreign language who wants to study in a selected specialisation, he/she is obliged to confirm his/her knowledge of the language of the specialisation at the B1 level with a certificate of a state examination or a departmental examination.

In addition to the admission process, the following students may be admitted:

  • laureates of language olympiads at the provincial level,
  • candidates who have successfully passed the entrance qualification to another university for the Faculty of Philology, but have not been admitted due to lack of places.


Admission rules for candidates holding a secondary school leaving certificate obtained abroad:

Maturity certificates obtained abroad are considered equivalent to secondary school leaving certificates in Poland if they contain a clause stating the right to apply for admission to higher education in the country where the certificate was issued.

Second-cycle studies – philology

  1. The number of points is determined on the basis of the grade on the diploma, for which the following conversion rate is applied:
    (5) 100 pkt.
    (4+) 90 pkt.
    (4) 80 pkt.
    (3+) 70 pkt.
    (3) 60 pkt.


  2. A candidate may obtain a maximum of 100 points in the recruitment process.
  3. Candidates who have obtained at least 60 points in the recruitment process are admitted to the programme.
  4. In the case of applying for admission to second-cycle programmes by candidates who have completed first-cycle programmes in another field of study or another specialisation in the humanities, they must confirm their knowledge of the language of their chosen specialisation at level C1 with a language certificate issued by an external institution.

Recruitment for studies takes place from 10 May to 20 September 2023.

Specialist training

Uchwala Senatu nr 5

  1. secondary school leaving certificate or a confirmed qualification in an occupation at technician level
  2. Candidates are admitted to short-term specialist studies on a first-come, first-served basis until the limit of places is reached



  • Diagnosis and pedagogical therapy
  • Eurhythmics and music therapy in early school and preschool education
  • Sensory integration – diagnosis and therapy of children
  • Education and revalidation of pupils with special educational needs


  • Organization and management of education
  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • Lean management and quality management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Manage data analytics and business systems


  • Road construction
  • Property Valuation
  • Management of the investment process in the construction industry


  • Neurobusiness
  • Managerial Psychology

Studia dla Obcokrajowców

Conditions of study by foreigners at the University of Linguistics and Technology in Świecie


Students from India and Indian Region Countries

Candidates from India Region (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and The Maldives) please contact our academic partner – Indo-European Education Foundation (www.ieef.pl