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Uczelnia Lingwistyczno-Techniczna w Świeciu
Studia magisterskie - Filologia angielska

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The studies are conducted in a full-time, part-time and part-time form (online studies).
In the part-time mode, studies are held in the form of weekend meetings (Saturday, Sunday).


Part-time first- and second-cycle studies are conducted using remote and distance work methods.




We offer modern philological studies at the university level. As part of the English Philology specialization, the student may choose one of the following specializations:




If you feel that you would like to share your knowledge with others and teach a foreign language – choose a teaching specialisation. Thanks to us, you will gain qualifications that will allow you to work in educational institutions or conduct language courses, also abroad – your rights will be respected in all countries of the European Union. Thanks to your studies at the University of Linguistics and Technology, you will gain not only substantive knowledge in the field of teaching a foreign language, but also competences in the field of psychology or didactics, which will make your work a pleasure.




If your dream is to work in an international company or you want to work as a translator – choose a translation profile. During your studies, you will gain skills that will allow you to translate various types of texts (literary texts, press and Internet publications, and many others). During the classes, you will learn how to use a computer and the Internet while working as an interpreter. We will also prepare you for specialist translations. In this area, you will face texts related to medicine, law, media, economics, art or technology. Together with us, you will make your dreams come true and you will easily find yourself on the job market. Be a professional and study with us!



Graduates receive a master’s degree confirmed by a diploma of higher professional studies in the field of philology. The basis of teaching in the field of philology is the practical education of a foreign language, oriented towards its fluency, the richness of colloquial and specialist vocabulary.

The curriculum is complemented by subjects from an extensive block of courses in the field of field of study and general education, which are to equip ULT graduates with the knowledge and skills required by the modern labor market.



Thanks to studying at our university, graduates will gain:

They acquire knowledge of the language of the specialty at the C2 level.

  1. They obtain professional qualifications in their chosen profession.
  2. They acquire basic knowledge and skills in linguistics and in literary and cultural studies.
  3. They develop a culture of thinking and the ability to work in a team.

After completing the ULT master’s degree in English Philology, graduates can take up employment or continue their education at doctoral studies in the same or another field of study or at selected postgraduate studies.



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