Support for people with disabilities
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The university has a number of facilities for people with disabilities, which are supplemented with modern equipment adapted to the disability of students.

The university has equipped the library with an additional workstation adapted to people with visual impairments.

The teaching assistant of people with disabilities is Ms mgr Hanna Żaczek-Wróblewska

The university has

BigTrack Wireless mouse – is a very large and solid computer mouse, made of pressure-resistant plastic, equipped with two 3-centimeter buttons and a 7-centimeter trackball. It has been designed for users with motor dysfunctions, e.g. impaired control of finger and hand movements. SuperNova Lunar Plus Magnifying & Talking – Offers innovative zoom and audio features that enable low vision users to use their computers with greater comfort and efficiency.

Dolphin Keyboard for Supernova – The Blind and Visually Impaired Keyboard has large, high-contrast buttons with white letters on a black background

SuperNova users also have 18 quick-select keys at their disposal for convenient access to the most frequently used SuperNova functions. They are designed to provide easy key recognition thanks to their different sizes and shapes. Clevy keyboard for people with paresis – It makes work easier for people with paresis, trembling hands, spasticity. Perfectly used in learning to write and use a computer.

Clevy frame for people with paresis – The frame is created specifically for people with temporary or permanent motor disability of the upper limbs. It allows you to place your hands on the keyboard without the risk of pressing an accidental key. Hitting the key is then less time-consuming, and the selection of the key is more precise, which is especially useful in case of paresis. Vasco Translator M3 – Electronic Speech Translator – is a device that supports more than 70 languages and has free internet for translations.

At the request of Małgorzata Grzywacz, the President of the Charity Section, the Student Government decided to take care of Hubert Brenzak, who suffers from inoperable malignant glioma of the medulla oblongata and cervical part. The only salvation for Hubert is treatment abroad. The Student Government undertakes to support charity fundraisers (with items donated for auction), take part in auctions, be active on Facebook pages dedicated to Hubert, share links to the fundraiser and inform interested people about Hubert’s situation.