Placement test
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Procedure for choosing a second foreign language

  1. The student is required to learn a second foreign language (language course) as part of the study program.
  2. The selection is made from the following languages:
    – English
    – German|
    – Spanish
  3. As part of the language course, the student may not choose the main language of the specialization.
  4. Between 20 September and 7 October, students are required to take a placement test to determine the level of language proficiency in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and to assign them to an appropriate level of language learning.
  5. Taking the placement test is mandatory for first-year students.
  6. The placement test takes place online via the Moodle platform.
  7. After completing the placement test, the student receives information about the level of foreign language proficiency.
  8. In order to be assigned to a language course of a chosen language, a student should obtain a level of min. A2 (CEFR). Otherwise, the University offers the student a remedial course in a given language, the aim of which is to raise the level of language proficiency to the level of min. A2.