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Why choose us?

It is a non-public university, entered into the REGISTER OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS under number 306. The university has obtained permission to conduct first- and second-cycle studies in the field of philology.

High scholarships

Students of the University of Linguistics and Technology in Przasnysz are able to take advantage of an extensive scholarship system – scholarships are awarded to both full-time and part-time students.

Stypendia na ULT Przasnysz

Experience in conducting online studies

Online studies are conducted by the Linguistic-Technical University of Przasnysz on the educational platform e-moodle, using modern educational technologies. Thanks to this method, the lecturers are there for you, via the platform, videoconferencing, e-mail and live. They continuously monitor your progress and motivate you to deepen your knowledge.

International cooperation

Today, more and more students from abroad are choosing to study in Poland. Attracting students from abroad to our country is an important part of promoting not only the University worldwide, but also Poland. For the University of Linguistics and Technology in Swiecie, too, foreign cooperation has become one of the key directions of development. The University is working on continuously expanding the foreign exchange for students, so that every interested student who achieves very good academic results and has a good command of a foreign language has a chance to take advantage of the opportunity to complete part of their studies at one of the partner universities.

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Linguistic and Technical University – a study programme for you

The University of Linguistics and Technology is located in Świecie. We are listed in the Register of Higher Education Institutions under number 306.We are a private university that offers many attractive courses of study, thanks to which you can develop your interests, gain knowledge that increases your competitiveness on the labor market, enrich your skills through further and supplementary studies.
Our future students can choose from first-cycle (bachelor’s, engineer’s), second-cycle (master’s) and postgraduate studies. We cooperate with professional academic staff and create study programmes tailored to the ever-changing labour market. As a result, graduates leave our university with not only extensive theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. That’s why they become the specialists employers are looking for.


A technical university, a linguistic university and more


The University of Linguistics and Technology offers a wide range of linguistic faculties. We offer a choice of English, Russian and German at the first-cycle (bachelor’s) and second-cycle (master’s) studies. Linguistic studies prepare you to work in education and teaching, business, tourism and translation, among others.
Following the labour market and the demand it reports, we offer proven, but also future-oriented technical and engineering faculties, such as Building Structures or Road and Bridge Construction. Because our university focuses on innovation and is aware of the energy and climate challenges, we have also introduced the Passive Construction course – considered to be the future for both single-family houses and office complexes. Responding to the needs of our future students and the labour market, we have also created the Management course, which has been invariably very popular for years.
We also offer a variety of postgraduate courses.
These include technical postgraduate studies, as well as teaching, business and managerial studies. Technical faculties such as Road Management – Maintenance and Operation or Production Process Management in Construction are definitely worth attention and are very popular. An interesting and innovative proposition for people interested in self-development is Managerial Psychology. For teachers, we recommend Sensory Integration or Eurhythmics and Music Therapy in Early Childhood and Preschool Education.
We want to support ambitious people who are focused on continuous development, which is why we also offer numerous courses and trainings, as well as short specialist studies (Certified Specialist Dietitian, Certified Advertising Specialist, Certified Logistics Specialist).
We want education and further development to be possible for everyone. That is why we offer seniors to participate in the activities of the University of the Third Age. We believe that it’s never too late to learn!


Online studies


Our university has been teaching online for many years, using proven platforms for remote learning. Thanks to this, our students can participate in classes without leaving their homes.
In the case of technical faculties, where it is necessary to take part in laboratories or field classes, we do not give up on meetings. However, in order to save valuable students’ time, all lectures and theoretical subjects are conducted 100% online.